About us

At our Latin American Restaurant, we bring you the same wonderful experiences

We grew up on: from our warm latin hospitality, to the authentic aromas in our kitchen, to our flavorful, handmade recipes passed down for more than four generations

Latin favorites

Terra Luna Cafe is home to a wide variety of culinary delights, each using a distinctive combination of spices and fresh ingredients.

Join us as we take a salivating tour of Latin American cuisine, starting with dishes that transcend national borders and are found across the region, and then taking a closer look at some regional specialties. 


“ The institution is currently the most favorite of the fast food chain! Got here by chance, was at work and wanted to eat. The first thing that has pleased was this approach with humor and powerful advertising. Once you come to this place, you will come back, so I do now. Thanks to your restaurant for fast and quality service! The staff took the order quickly and efficiently provided it. In addition, everybody is very friendly and polite ”

Monica Higgins, Client